Studio A.H.
A Communal Line - 公共线

A Communal Line is a participatory public artwork by Andrew Herzog. This project is an evolution from his Walking Line photography series, where he positions walking, something we do every day, as a form of drawing. In this public artwork, instead of walking alone and compositing his solo image to make visible the line he draws, he invites anyone to participate in the work and share the role of the artist - subverting the role of authorship in a public artwork. Following a simple framework, everyone gets a chance to steer the line and draw by walking as they please. In A Communal Line, everyone who participates and walks is an author in the work - a collaborator. To further this idea of shared authorship and the necessity of artifact creation a certificate of authenticity stating the rules of the work is distributed, editioned, and signed by both Andrew and each one of the participants.

Installation, 43 participants
A4 Museum
Chengdu, China

Documentation from the installation.


Instructions/ COA for the artwork given to every participant signed by both Andrew and the participant granting shared authorship in the work.


A Communal Line - 公共线 – Installation sketch