Andrew Herzog® makes things people interact with and he tweets and grams and dribbbles 😂 and he made a natural wayfinding system for NYC pedestrians called Natural Navigation and a tool to make drawing and creating a little more accessible and fun for everyone called AutoDraw and a wall of 5,880 arcade buttons in Google's NYC lobby and a game where a neural network tries to guess what you're drawing called Quick Draw! and an ongoing study of our relationship with objects called Ergonomics 101 and an application for finding the next generation of the Google Creative Lab 5 and an app that translates distance into objects called Between Us and a psuedo-social media platform for Temporary Highs and a typeface for when you don't have anything nice to say called Nothings Typeface and an app for understanding sarcasm called Sarcas-o-meter and a verbal visual photographic series called If You Say Something, See Something and a series of analog watches that are smart called Smart Dumb Watches and editorial Instagram stuff for Warby Parker and a portfolio site for a copywriter named Hillary Churchill and an Instagram launch campaign for Jack Daniels Fire and a website that takes you outside called OutsideInside and a new website for The Aldrich Contemporary Art Museum and a fire building website for Yule Log 2.015 and a photo about the moon landing called July 20, 1969 and a participatory project asking people around the world to Draw a Letter a Day and he'll probably make more stuff soon so check back often or just follow him here. You can contact him at

Andrew Herzog thinks interacting
with people will be much more fun than interacting with this portfolio website on your phone.